Have you already asked these weird questions to your self this year?
on January 14, 2018

It’s funny to make weird questions. Try it. But for now, try to check within yourself if you have already asked these weird questions to your self this year.

1. How do you differentiate LACK, LOCK, LUCK?

lol. Lack and Luck have opposite meanings. Isn’t it confusing to you?
Like when you’re not paying close attention? We both know Lack is when you’re lacking, but luck is when you’re lucky! You win a lotto for example.

If you like using the word GOOD LUCK, what do you really mean when you say it? Is it really good luck!? or Good Lack.

I’m a little paranoid with this, because when you say Good luck and you don’t really mean it, then maybe you mean the other, which makes you feel confused about thinking that Lack is good.


2. Which ones are you really scared of, death or depth?

Sounds like death isn’t it? But I think, it’s depth really. I am most scared of depth, because I’m still learning how to swim really well. And what if there are unknown creatures who would drag you down?

When I think of depth, this thought would follow “scary, what if I’d get drown?” There is no death mentioned.

3. What’s holding you back from jumping onto great opportunities?

Isn’t it that you’re scared of falling when you jump? He-he. But what if you would land properly? Because it’s not that your body jumps off the cliff, it just felt so, but look around, it’s an opportunity not a danger zone.

4. Why are you scared of sound?

You didn’t realize you’re actually scared of sound too, right? I think you were once scared of anyone scolding you. An angry dog barking. People laughing at you. People’s Gossips.

But I think it’s what happened right after that you’re most scared of. Like, when the dog barks very angrily, what if it’s going to bite you, etc. etc. Or like when your boss is scolding you, and you’re scared that you’re going to get fired very soon. Or when people gossipped about you, back-biting you, and you think “what if you can’t handle it” because it might be too much.

But guess what, YOU CAN HANDLE IT! Just say, “Whatever!”

And lastly,

5. Have you written down your 12-18 months goal this year?

There are 1,440 minutes in a day, 86,400 in seconds. How are you going to spend your 12-18 months from January?

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