What if there’s a quick way to let go of whatever that you feel and think you can’t let go, would you dare to try it?
on January 11, 2018

I thought of this quote…



… I received the other day from Mind Movies. I subscribe with their newsletters by the way, because I love their tribe. And it’s a good choice.

And then, I thought of Chris teachings on how to use affirmations.

One thing I’ve learned in his book “Are you making these 3 mistakes with your affirmations?” Chris Cade taught me on how to put my affirmations into autopilot.

That is, affirming the actual exchange of energy that occur.

So, considering Jennifer Freeman’s quote “YOU ARE FAR TOO SMART TO BE THE ONLY THING STANDING IN YOUR WAY.” I have now the clue of what’s blocking me in general. And that’s me.

So, when I affirm, I would use Chris way, affirming the actual exchange of energy that occur.

Let’s say, I am the one standing my way, blocking my way, how would I let energies to flow in and out? By giving way, right?

Then I would affirm to myself, “I love GIVING way for me and others.”

And if it was me who’s blocked by others, like for example, the energy I got way back when I was a child, watching a television with the neighbors, and there’s this big head blocking my way from seeing the TV Show, unconsciously, that whichever side I look there his head goes, blocking me; and if I would stand, I would be blocking others standing, so I’m usually stacked to where I’m sitting feeling frustrated, until the show’s over, then I have to go home unsatisfied; then I would affirm to myself:

“I am letting go of my frustrations.”

Now I understand, why I felt bad to give way, because I felt like if I would, I would be blocked by the person in front of me. Whichever way I go, either I’m blocking or I’m blocked.

It’s a very unlikable pattern, that I have experienced over and over again, in the past, in many different scenarios.

So, thanks to that powerful teaching, I have decided to use this affirmation again, whenever I’m in a group of people.

“I am giving way for me and others.”

“I am moving to the last.”

That way, I would have all the choices and places. I can move wherever I want, I can adjust whenever I have to, and never to get stacked again. Can you feel that? Awesome right?

Now I get this phrase, “the first and the last.” Be the first and the last.

But here’s the quickest way to try letting go of what you can’t let go because you think whatever you do, you’re hurting others…

“I love opening the gate for me and others.”

“There is nothing either bad or good. Only thinking makes it so.”William Shakespeare

You’re getting my point, right? Ha-ha-ha-

I’m not saying you do it, just FEEL IT!

You would love reading Chris Cade’s Book “Unchain Your Dreams: Conquer The Fear Of Failure Quickly And Easily!


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