How to deal with other’s weirdness without fear
on January 10, 2018

When they’re judging you mentally, how would you react?

Someone says “I would ask her, ‘Come again?’ ” Giving them time to think twice, and realize they’re charging nonsense thoughts about you.

If they’re labeling you negatively, and you know you’re not what they’re referring to but themselves, how would you respond?

Use this power word: “Are you sure?” And if they’d say ‘Yes’ with pride, just respond, “Are you really sure?” “How sure you are?”

And what if they’re gossiping behind your back and you knew it because you’re a psychic, how would you handle it?

“Don’t Judge! If you want to know more about the details? Then Ask First. It will save you a thousand smiles.”

Cool one! I’m gonna take note of this. LOL.

And I’m thinking about why “Self Pity” holds the key to eternal happiness – and true self development, if only one understands it correctly.

In this book “The Secret Art of Self-Development” Karl share a secret, and that is to “let go” of self pity. He said, “self-pity is the only barrier to happiness.”

And I remember something that happened to me a while ago, someone tested my self-worry, self-pity, by trying to make himself fall down, like if I’m gonna let him go he’s gonna get injured.

And I realized, I wasn’t really concerned about him getting injured, mostly, I’m concerned about me being dragged down, and get injured with him, so I have to hold myself back while holding him back.

But also, there is this fear of being called “selfish” if I’m going to let him go, even if it was his fault of trying to drag me down.

What are you gonna do if you are me? Whatever you decide you’re the sinner. It was a trap, and I was trapped. It was self-pity.

That’s why, “Let go!” If you’re holding back because of something, then it’s not a bliss, it’s a burden. Save yourself and don’t care what the other would say, “It’s not your fault.”

Most especially, when it comes to “emotions”. Something that happened in the past isn’t what’s going on right now, everything changes. Open your eyes, and use your brain to decide.

So if you think you’re holding back, let it go. Set it free. The right emotion for you will not make you sad. It will make you happy. If you are being put into test by someone, that means he or she doesn’t trust you, and we do not need someone who doesn’t trust us, right?

Let it go! Stop feeling sorry about your self. Start being thankful about your self instead.

“Ow, I’m listening!” Ha-ha!

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