“Knock(2x)” Your power words to stay alert, awake, and enthusiastic, are here!
on January 6, 2018

1. Little By Little – remember this when you’re like “I can’t!” Because the truth is, “You can!” Little by Little. Whatever that is that you want.

I was once a baby, and I learn to walk little by little.”

2. You can have it all – better health, more financial and time freedom? You can have it all. “A message from Zija International Family to yours!”

Be a part of our huge network marketing team!”

3. No matter will happen, you can handle it! – little by little, step by step, you can handle it. May Hypnosis work for you as it is in others.

You can handle it! You can endure it! You’re just building muscles!”

4. Feel the fear and do it anyway – a powerful statement from “Susan Jeffers” author of the book Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway

“It’s always there, get used to it! Just do it!”

5. Feel the shame and laugh out loud anyway – a message from a wannabe a joker, which is me. lol.

Laughter is the best medicine!”

6. You’re Alive!Can you feel that? The air temperature. Can you hear that? Your heart beats!

Rejoice! Life is too short to be wasted complaining than eating ice-cream [haha!]”

7. You can! Do it!

“If you think you can or can’t you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

May this VIDEO inspires you today!


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