Can’t Decide Which Way To Go Just Yet? Try Asking Your Self The Following Questions
on January 4, 2018

If you’re thinking and not feeling, which way would you go next?

Why not now?

Because blah blah blah. You’re just confused. So allow this article to give you just a little insight on how to look at your self outside of the box.

I’m having the same issue by the way, and I’d like to share my next steps in here.

Let’s start!

Imagine yourself making a decision to pursue something, business for example. What type of business would you like to work on if free to be yourself. Meaning, if you have everything that you need in order to make your business a success. That includes time, money, effort, support, motivation, intention, purpose, ready mind-body-&-spirit.

Got one?


And “Why” would you like to succeed in that business?

Best answer is: To achieve joy and fulfillment.

But wouldn’t that be selfish to think about your self’s joy and fulfillment only?

Answer: Maybe I need one big purpose for that business success.

Exactly! Find that big purpose.

In a rank of 1 to 10, in which 1 is the highest and 10 is the lowest, rate your chosen purpose.

  • Helping the family’s dreams – *
  • Serving more and more people – *
  • Lots of free time to volunteer in environmental preservation, animals, trees, other plants, etc. etc. – *
  • Be able to travel anytime, anywhere, meet new friends, business enthusiast, etc. etc. – *
  • Ability to choose your environment and be able to sleep well – *
  • Ability to set your own time, become your own boss – *
  • Spend plenty of time with your loved ones, passionate people, uplifting people, motivating people, happy and super energetic people – *
  • Continuous flow of income, where money is no longer a problem, but a blessing – *

How about your intention of succeeding? Is it pure? Is it coming from an attitude of “revenge to those who have hurt you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”

If I would be nature, and someone’s going to take my precious flower with the intention of poisoning the other, I would be angry.

Intention came from the heart, while purpose came from both mind and heart, as well as target by the way. Or is it? What do you think, comment below.

The 3 basic ingredients to success are: Good Intention, Bigger Purpose, And Target Point, and then action (pulling the trigger).

Here’s another way to help you find you greatest purpose in life today: Take this exam. See which career is best for you. Determine your call. In which area in this life-time were you called to “Serve”.

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