So I asked my self “What is a mindset of an entrepreneur?”
on January 3, 2018

Everyone is there customers, including families, friends and business partners. They take good care of them.

If there is one word that describes them which starts with letter “S” then let it be “Serve”.

Entrepreneurs serves the people and the world. They think of the welfare of their family, friends, the environment, society, other cultures, and the world as a whole.

They take responsibility of the outcome of their actions – bad or good, their emotional problems as well as emotional strenght.

Entrepreneurs are great leaders, great life coaches, and amazing people to build relationships with.

They may not be money risk takers, but life risk takers. Spending their time and effort to building something for the people who wants to improve their lives using their services, products, and other types of businesses.

They are the people who loves long term relationships, friendships, and they nurture their relationships with anyone close to them.

Money comes next to them.

What do you think?

And by the way, this is how they would let go of their emotional blockages:

First, they’ll identify the name of the specific emotion, how did it come to them, where did it came from, and then how it affect their life in business for example.

Next, they’ll offer help to their subconscious mind by asking this: “Can I let it go right now?” “Can I let it go for a moment?” “Can I let it go just for now?”

Good read: The Success Principles(TM) – 10th Anniversary Edition: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Little by little is the other secret of achieving everyone’s goal.

The moment a specific emotion appears, you just have to ask your self if you could let it go, as a sign that you don’t like it, until you become used to it, and your subconscious mind will automatically transform heaviness into lightness.

Awesome to think about it right? What if you can make it happen?

And what if we could actually use the same technique to autopilot your enthusiasm? What about your energy? How about automatic healing?


What if, you can do it little by little. What if you can start right now, observe, and see if it’s working.

If you’re interested, you may start with these questions.

“Can I be happy for now? Just a little.”

“Can I be thankful right now? Just a little taste of it.”

“Can I taste a little of inspiration and motivation to work today?”

And if you want something bigger, like the following questions:

“Can I succeed with something little today?”

“Can I achieve [insert something little that you want to achieve] today?”

  • if not, then ask “Why not?”
  • there’s a lot of reasons that you might came up, but learn to ask this ‘Is that really true?”

Ask something little that if manifested will contribute to that super big thing that you want to achieve in life.

Anything I can learn from you? Please comment below. I’m hungry of amazing life lessons, new thoughts, and more and more learning stuffs for a better well-being.

And one more thing, entrepreneurs loves to learn, and learn, and learn, and learn, more and more and more and more. No wonder why they have huge libraries full of books. And I’m talking about any successful people you knew who loves learning.

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