Consistency – How to become consistent in blogging?
on January 2, 2018

Okay, I have the same problem. Blogging here blogging there without focusing on a specific niche.

But here’s what I learned from asking myself this question, “How to become consistent in my blogging?”

In order to maintain consistency, you need to DECIDE which group of people are you going to target. What are their wants so you can offer them some quality contents that would satisfy their hunger.

Okay, right now, I’ve decided I’m going to target plenty of emotional people group of people, anyone who’s interested in brain hacks, new beliefs, ancient wisdom, etc. etc.

But as I reread my plan, it felt boring. So, I’m going to change it into something like more social, more extroverted, more creative, and more active.

Say for example: Seasonal – tips and tricks on how to enjoy summer in a budget – or like – tips and tricks on how to feel warm in cold seasons – etc. etc.

Hmm. I wonder if I’d be able to commit to this one. I’m excited though. It must be very cool to start reading some happy tips and tricks from the internet and sharing it in here for you to also enjoy reading.

In order to that, I would need an inspiration. I think “having fun” reading and getting to know other bloggers blogs is fun, specially the DIY ones.

But, I would also consider earning from my blogs, but I’m kinda feeling guilty of earning money online. Luckily, I found an article which says, “consider your blog your business”. Cool thought isn’t it?

So, what do you think?

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