And I asked my self, “why do you choose life-scammer to be your domain name anyway?”
on January 2, 2018

She answered: “Because your existence itself is a scam! You’re not real. You’re a subconscious mind writing.”

“Ouch! Seriously?”

“Yeah, and almost everyone is a life-scammer, because what is true to someone is false to the other. And what is false to the other is true to that someone.”

“So they are both life-scammers?”

“Yeah, that’s how they describe themselves. Like two opposite worlds claiming they’re right and so the other is wrong. But the truth is, they’re all right.”

“Crazy, you should go to sleep.”



From this quote…

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”

-Henry Ford

… we can create another thought, “whether you think you are right or wrong, you are right.”

So, you might as well just do what makes you happy, because no matter what you do, no matter how good it is, someone out there doesn’t believe in you, and that’s totally fine, we all have what we call “choice“. So, be you! Be you. Be you.

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