How great it’s going to be if every single one of us is living comfortably within our bodies? Try this tip to handle your insecurities
on January 1, 2018

You’re maybe the most amazing person in the entire world, you’re maybe super rich, you may have activated all your super intelligence’s, you may have the qualities of all the extraordinary people that have stepped on earth; but guess what, you still have insecurities, didn’t you?

I’ve heard that men’s insecurities is mostly “size“. It could be height, weight, muscles, and other parts of their body. I think it could also be any measure, the measure of wealth, health, company size, houses, properties, followers, admirers, family, community, the environment they’re living in, and many many more.

But hey, women have some too. Do you want to enumerate in the comment section below? Please do, I’d really appreciate it.

“I have one, and that is ‘Family’ “


This tip is simple, you just read the words, feel it, and apply it, and then repeat whenever needed, until you make it a habit. Sounds really easy isn’t it?

Too much talking, here it is now, “Feel that insecurities, but choose to be comfortable within your body anyway.”

Yeah, that’s kinda alike with THIS ARTICLE. But here’s a little twist:

“Work on your self.”

There’s plenty of available resources online to assist us in dealing, handling, and reshaping our many faces of life insecurities.

Books like the following:

Programs like:

Health & Fitness

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“Life is too short to be spent being insecure. There are 1, 440 minutes in a day, 86, 400 seconds in a day; if you’re going to feel insecure anyway, estimate wisely.”

Does that make sense? Hmm. But my point is, instead of spending too much of our time being depressed and stressed and not doing anything to achieve our deepest goals, desires, and dreams; let’s use those times to slowly heal ourselves while we keep moving forward.

It’s like:

“Feel the hotness of the sun, but keep walking anyway.”

When you don’t have vehicle to ride on to school, and you’re living far far away like 2 hours walk from home, then your only choice is to keep walking under that very hot sunlight until you reach your destination and not be late in your flag ceremony.

And I didn’t use the word “No Choice” because there’s always “A Choice”. Everything that we say and do, how we respond, how we react, we choose it, we decide it, we are it.

I’ve heard from Mind Movies that they have this kind of mindset that sounds like “Failure wasn’t in their option” and look at them, they’ve succeeded without limit. Autopilot success is true to them, and it is true.

So, how about applying that mindset to our insecurities? Let’s say “Insecurities isn’t in our option, it’s not in the choices provided, but confidence and determination to be what you want to be, to achieve what you want to achieve, no matter how different you are among the crowd.”

Can you feel that? There is no limit. But you’ve got to do the work.

“No one would exercise for you to build your muscles, you have to do the work.” “No one would eat healthy foods for you to be healthy, you have to eat it yourself.”
“No one would study for you so you can learn, you have to do the study.”

– the memories I recalled from watching some of the motivational YouTube videos.

Here’s a better one for you:

OVERCOME! ᴴᴰ – This Will Change Your Life | MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO

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