Still undecided on what degree of expertise should you specialize in college? Try to answer the following questions
on December 30, 2017

When it comes to decision making, I am a bit of paranoid. It happened to me, I don’t want it to happen with you too.

And I’m talking about, floating while studying, unmotivated, no purpose, no intention; uncertain if the field you’re studying is really for you, and what would happened next after you graduate?

Well, I hope someone told me before to dig deeper within me, of knowing my truest desire and purpose in life, otherwise I would have taken something else, but I have graduated anyway, got a diploma, and a TOR, and never wanted to use it again. [lol].

But here are some of the questions, I hoped I had asked myself before before choosing a degree in college.

1. If free to be yourself, which degree would you like to focus on?

if without your parents forcing you what to take.

2. Are you willing to learn and do research by yourself?


because some teachers loves to read books in front of you without digging deeper about what the topic is all about.

3. Would you consider buying books from amazon store? And I mean books from the experts, like real life teachers, those who have been there and have experienced what other college teachers are teaching about.

because it’s also awesome to learn from those who have been there, and to be able to feel them through their stories, specially if it’s a real life story.

4. Can you learn how to maintain your joyfulness, happiness, calmness, and all the youthfulness you once have in high school once you started feeling rejected, belittled, disqualified, failed with one exam, etc. etc.?

if only I wasn’t maintaining my grades to keep up my scholarship, maybe I have enjoyed my college life. [lol].

5. Do you know why you’d have to study college? Do you have a purpose? What’s your greatest intention?

is it family pride? or is it to get a job and work forever, or is it to make your own business and become an entrepreneur?

6. Which industry would you love to spend the rest of your life with? And is that what you really want to be?

7. Can you get out of college hooks whatever those are when you graduate? Wouldn’t you be lost unfulfilled? Wouldn’t you forget who you truly are before anything else begin to get crappy?

8. Are you emotionally, mentally, physically ready to be stressed and pressured?

if not, then maybe you should enjoy self-study first, find your self, and then you may decide which diploma would you love to acquire. [lol].

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