Isn’t it cool to live with a smartphone and a laptop without losing the natural version of your self?
on December 25, 2017

Have you been stressed lately and a little frustrated too because you can’t get off your eyes and hands away from your smartphone?

You’re not alone, me too!

The advanced technologies are awesome. But also, it could possess a threat to human’s natural way of living. And I’m talking about technologies like the smartphones.”

“Inconvenience breeds resourcefulness and curiosity.” – Anonymous

Sure! Smartphone makes life more convenient in some situations, like when you want to listen to cool music, watch a movie wherever you are, because it is of course very handy. Quick searching is also one of its major advantage.

But! It also makes someone lazy sometimes. Better if it’s only sometimes, what if you get addicted and become so dependent on your smartphone. How about your creativity then?

Creativity issues, inability to stay focus in one thing at a time, made me decide to gave up on my Smartphone and gave it to my cousin, because he’s more strict and disciplined when it comes to “enough is enough.”

Like me, I love to write, but my smartphone gives me a lot of options to do first in the morning, like social media, checking Facebook messages, checking emails, and then I just search for more stuffs to see online without direction and good intention; ended up wasting hours and hours of surfing as if I’m searching something and I’m learning.

In the end of the day, I got so exhausted with all those random information, like I’m feeling overloaded with stuffs I don’t really need for my topic writing. Giving a chance for the spirit of procrastination to lead my way. When you’re already exhausted, you just let anyone lead your way, and hope they can be trusted.

Even when using my laptop, I still have that urge to just keep searching and searching of information after information without knowing where I’m really going. It felt like there is so much more I need to read and read and read and just keep reading. And my creativity is not enough. Which oftentimes, I found myself unable to decide on what to do next.

But here’s my action steps to help my self stay in my natural version, that is using time wisely, with a goal of becoming more productive in anything that I do, ability to decide and focus on working on it in my own preference without being forced.

The internet is awesome, so as the SMARTPHONE, laptop, and any other online technologies, but it’s also a modern version of temptation. And I guess it’s far worst than those false beliefs we’ve heard from the gossiping neighbors, families as well as friends, if we look at its negative side.

But in the positive way? It’s amazing. I am now able to access unlimited information, I believe. From libraries to free ebooks, to legit news articles, to connecting with real people.

No one can stop the advancement of technologies, of smartphones, of humanoids, of human devices with artificial intelligences. So instead of going against it, why don’t we dance with it.

Part of dancing with the wave, is by being responsible of your own action, decision, and your life-choices as a whole.

Up to you to be influence by what I’m about to share. Your choice. But this is my action steps on how to stay a natural version of my self, which you can apply in your self too.

– Buy a reading device, exclusive for reading only, like–

– Buy a pen and paper notebook to write down what you’d need to research in your laptop.

– Set your searching time. Be aware of the time spent searching.

– Visit e-mail only when you are waiting for some emails to arrive.

– Set that time when to delete all your spam emails. It’s stressful to store plenty of unread emails. It’s making you feel lazy to read, but that’s not true.

– And for social medias? Maybe once a week or two. There’s always rest days. And besides you can schedule daily post if you’d like to post something for business purposes.

– Socializing in social media is cool too. Specially when you are really socializing, not just looking. And I mean, talking to real people through your devices.

Above steps answers the question, “How do you live without a smartphone?”

But “What if” you can’t let go of your smartphone?

Who wants to let go of it anyway. It’s very social, it makes you feel awesome too, specially if it’s a very expensive one. We don’t want to feel like “someone who doesn’t belong” right?

Definitely, understandable. And with better self-discipline, it sounds manageable. Because I think it is. Simply by realizing the following:

-You are better than your smartphone. 
– The information in your smartphone are created by humans like you.
– Your smartphone is not your home. It’s Earth.
– Nature and the Universe itself is bigger than your smartphone or any other devices        using artificial intelligence, laptops, etc. etc.
– You have the right to say NO to your smartphone. It’s just a device, it’s okay.

Don’t let your smartphones use you; use your smartphone instead for good.

  • listen to a music that will raise your energy vibration for a healthy and happy life.
  • watch inspirational videos, do it yourself videos for learning.
  • text and chat your love ones.


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