Fitting in a group of social people must be amazing, but how?
on December 25, 2017

Understanding the other side of “Why”

You have a desire to be paid attention to, but you’re hesitant to do the first move because your Ego just want to be with someone else you love being with, or those who seeks for your love and attention.

But “WHAT IF” you are the boss of that group? What are you going to do with them?

You have to appear confident and loving AS IF everyone seeks your attention because you are who you are and you are special. You have unique abilities, skills (including your best ninja moves), and unique life-choices.

“Thank you for being you.”

Here are some of the list you might as well have:

– fear of being Gossiped;

– fear of being not wanted;

– a little disappointed when unrecognized;

– a feeling that your idea might not be as important to others, so you are withholding yourself from being you;

– you think it’s too arrogant to share your ideas if you’re not being invited to;

– you love to joke around with people you’re most comfortable being with, or those that you like and love.

Believe me, I am all of the above. You shouldn’t have read this article, but you’re here anyway, so I’m just gonna share my learned tips and tricks on how to socialize to any strangers in any social groups.

Try this, and hope you can make it work. But I know, you can!

  • Think “As If” the people around you choose to be loving and social because they’re in where you’re in, in the right now.

  • Appreciate and be amazed about how the people around you were able to let go of all their burdens, feelings of rejection, and fear of being gossiped, all those unwanted emotions that every human being always have deep within them.

  • Open your heart, smile “As If” you’re very grateful to be in the same group as them.

  • If you have nothing else to say, because they did all the talking, or maybe you just couldn’t find a good timing to insert, or maybe you just didn’t like your group-mates; remember the following: BE CURIOUS, ASK FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS (act as if you’re really interested, and you will become), USE OTHER BODY LANGUAGES ASIDE FROM SMILE, GIVE A FUNNY COMMENT which others can also relate with.


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