And why are you hiding the truth about masturbation?
on December 21, 2017

While others are sinning because they’re hiding, others are enjoying and making fun of themselves. Joking around like infants.

And say, “Whatever!”

Oh the fear of what other people would think about masturbation, but aren’t other people feeling the same?

No one’s perfect. Everyone hides. Because of?

Fear of Criticism. Fear of Shame. Fear of being looked down. Fear of being judged a sinner. By whom?

By the people who did the same. Quietly. Silently.

As if they haven’t masturbated and mated.

The worst type of people who would mock down their own self-reflection.

Bullying their selves within.

Is probably the worst SIN one could have.

But do you know why they keep doing what they’re doing? Bullying?

It’s because they think when they ask for forgiveness to someone who acts like a representative of some supernatural beings, they’d be forgiven. Do you know why they’ve been forgiven? Because they THINK they’ve been forgiven, and so it be.

It’s not masturbation, nor hideous sexual stuffs that is worth hiding for. It’s the once who goes against nature.

Be FREE to be yourself!

Read Think and Grow Rich: The Original, an Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation!

And remember not to overdo? It will HURT your soul if you get addicted to it.

Read that book “think and grow rich” it will give you a little insight as to how sexual desire can ┬ámake you even more successful.

A desire when directed to that right goal, with that greatest purpose as well as good intention, is I think awesome.

I mean, have you tried that?

I remember really giving all my desires towards my studies, and I graduated. lol.

Although, I missed many funny parts of my childhood, like almost 3/4 of my life was left undiscovered, unenjoyed, so much I missed in my teenage days.

But, that’s the best example of how a desire is a really good fuel into achieving something in life.

Right now, I’m into developing more of my writing skills.

So, to conclude, masturbation isn’t really bad if it’s moderated?

But I think it’s even better to direct that desire into something that would make you productive, like fuel it into working on to one of your dreams.

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