Short Cut to becoming more Present in the “RIGHT NOW” moment-
on December 16, 2017

I think I just found the best short-cut towards awareness, happiness, joy, gratitude and self-satisfaction.

Right now, try using this technique, “Celebrate the absence of anything you don’t want to think about, like those memories you’ve had in the past that makes you feel frustrated, angry, unmotivated; and most of all feeling unwanted and unsupported.”

See if you can make it work.

To celebrate the ABSENCE of those that doesn’t exist anymore, like those past life experiences you’ve had in the past, no matter how ugly that was; is also another way to give THANKS to the universe, that it’s now over. You’ve been there, right now, you’re in the right NOW moment.

I’ve heard that happy people celebrates not only success but also failure. It was worth the play after all, specially if they’ve learned a lot of TRICKS from those life-experiences, that they can teach to others following their lead.

Some joyful and thankful people doesn’t cry after failure. Some of them intentionally choose to fail in order to taste the feelings of failing.

How wonderful life would be if all people think of trying to learn, more than not trying at all, because of the fear of being gossiped for failing.

It’s Gossips, it’s not failing that made most of us decide not to try at all.

Right NOW, is Right NOW, tomorrow will become Right NOW, the past is also Right NOW when you think of it Right NOW –

However, if you’re still feeling stacked right now, and don’t know how to pull up yourself, then remember my little trick, that is:

“To celebrate the ABSENCE of the Past, whatever those are; and you’ll be able to see in the RIGHT NOW the best things you have in life.”

It’s easy to be happy when you are more present in the RIGHT NOW. It’s easy to say “THANK YOU” when you are even more Present in the RIGHT NOW.

It’s when you realize that the past that you think is true in the RIGHT NOW isn’t real anymore, that your mind starts changing for the better. Look around you. See the difference.

Now ask yourself, “Why the heck, am I still feeling the same angst I have felt many years ago?”

No, you’re not insane, you are human, capable of generating emotions by the power of thought.

You need to catch that specific thought that makes you keep feeling what you don’t want to feel, hold it tight in your hands. As hard as your body wants to hold it, and then open your palm, “look, there’s nothing in there! It’s empty.” 

A little awareness of the ABSENCE of a specific traumatizing life event, helps one regain its focus and PRESENCE.

There’s no PRESENCE without ABSENCE. There’s no ABSENCE without PRESENCE. The question is, “Which ABSENCE do you choose to FOCUS on right now?”

Is it the absence of joy? or the absence of the negative past-reality?

If you think you are depressed, then most probably, your focus is the absence of JOY and HAPPINESS.

Do you want to try healing your feeling depressed self within?

If so, try to change your focus into the ABSENCE of  that feelings of depression. I bet you would then look around and become more present and alert, right now.

Your vision of the future will be clarified.

All right!

I’m a bookworm, so if you can read a book about “Presence” this weekend, it would be cool.

The Presence Process – A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness


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