Have you Ever heard of Raikov Effect? Well, check this Email I received from my source!
on November 29, 2017

I kinda want to share this one to everyone who’s interested to succeed in any areas of their lives.

Hey Roselyn,

Just thought I’d send you a quick mail about Raikov.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Raikov Effect recently, but I figured I’d take time to explain precisely what its all about.

Vladimir Raikov was a neuropsychologist.

In the 1970s, he performed a series of experiments in Russia that would change how we view the human mind forever.

He invited a selection of inexperienced music students to play to an audience at the Moscow Conservatory of Music.

They were mediocre at best.

Then Raikov hypnotized them into believing they were world-class musical geniuses, such as Sergei Rachmaninoff.

After the hypnosis, he asked them to play to the audience again.

This time, their performance was… astounding.

They finished playing to rapturous applause and standing ovations.

They had suddenly, within an hour, become musical geniuses.

Something amazing had happened.

Raikov had “infused” them with genius qualities, which continued to stay with them long after the experiment finished.

He went on to do the same with art students, and in many other areas all while being overseen by American psychologists.

His technique became known as the Raikov Effect.

Today, the “New Raikov Effect” allows anyone to “steal” the talent and abilities of geniuses (from musical skills, to confidence, to business, to brain power, to happiness), all in just minutes.

–> Learn more about the Raikov Effect in THIS video <–

To your success!

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