Filling up Form W-8BEN made easy: Sample Only
on September 25, 2017

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I will just do a little recap and a little addition of this guide video.

You’ve been looking for some simple instructions & guides as to how to fill up the U.S W-8BEN form, you’ve watch too many videos teaching about W-8BEN, yet you’re still feeling a little bit skeptical.

So, here’s mine…

***Before you begin filling up the form, ask the following questions:

  1. Is this the correct form for me to use?
  2. Does my country have an existing tax treaty with U.S? ***If so, am I going to claim certain tax treaty benefits? ***And does the tax treaty benefits I’d like to claim meet the conditions covered by the income tax treaty between United States & Your country of residency (line 9) and of Part 3 of W-8BEN? ***If your answer is Yes, Yes, Yes respectively, then leave line 10 blank; otherwise, complete line 10.
  3. Are you a student or a researcher claiming an exemption from taxation on your noncompensatory scholarship or fellowship grant income under a tax treaty? If yes, you must complete line 10.

Attn: Student & Researchers: If you need more information about line 10 and other lines; detailed information about the instruction of W-8BEN form, visit IRS website or download rev. 2014 here.

If you want an easy guide in completing your IRS form W-8BEN, continue reading below.

Here are some instructions to guide you in completing the IRS Form W-8BEN. 

Part I, Line 1: Enter your name.

Untitled 1

Line 2: Enter your country of citizenship.
Line 3: Your permanent residence address is the address in the country where you claim to be a resident for purposes of that country’s income tax. 
Line 4: If the address on your account is different from the address listed on Line 3, the address on your account must be listed here.
Line 5: Enter a U.S. taxpayer number only if you have applied for and been issued one by the U.S. Social Security Administration or the U.S. IRS. 
Line 6: Enter a taxpayer number issued by the country where you claim to be a resident for purposes of that country’s income tax.
Line 7: Enter any references, if any, etc.
Line 8: Enter your date of birth.
Part II, Line 9: If you are eligible for a tax treaty rate, enter the country where you claim to be a resident for income tax treaty purposes.
Untitled 1
Line 10Complete this line only if you are claiming treaty benefits requiring that you meet conditions not covered by the representations you make on Line 9 and Part III. 
Untitled 1

Untitled 1
Part III: Sign and date the form. 
Untitled 1
***If you are an agent acting under a duly authorized power of attorney for the beneficial owner or account holder, the form must be accompanied by the power of attorney in proper form.
Untitled 1
Form 2849, Power of attorney and declaration of representative, can be used.

W-8BEN instructions visit IRS website or download for rev. 2017 here.
(This is my sample only… please do what is right…)

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